Bottle, breastfeeding and well-being facilities

The University campus is entirely breastfeeding friendly and there are no restrictions on bottle or breastfeeding at the University.

The following have been identified to offer space for breastfeeding and expressing.  These rooms are also available for taking medication and therapeutic relaxation, etc.  It is however recognised due to the size of the campus that informal local arrangements may be more appropriate to meet individual needs.

Leeds University Union (LUU)
Offers the use of a private room in the Student Advice Centre on level 1.

Room 2.08 in Charles Thackrah is a quiet, breastfeeding friendly room.

The School of Physics and Astronomy has Room number 8.29 in E C Stoner – on the level 8 landing of staircase 2 – set aside to provide a private space that can be used for breast feeding/expressing.

Room 8.430 and 8.36 in the Worsley building are designated as quiet rooms suitable for breastfeeding.

St James Hospital  – CSB 4.15 is designated as a breastfeeding room. They can also access to CSB 7.18a which has a couch and also a toilet cubicle. All staff and students can book if either facility is wanted.

Alternatively staff are advised to speak to their line manager and students to their School/Faculty (normally your personal tutor/research supervisor), if a private, safe area is preferred or required to breastfeed, for expressing or other well-being purpose.  Together you should endeavour to identify an appropriate room that can be used, and consider whether a health and safety risk assessment is needed.  Staff who encounter any difficulty identifying a space or who need a room outside of their normal work location should contact their local HR team, who will be able to work with you to provide additional support.

Additional information about breastfeeding facilities for student parents can be found in the Policy on support for pregnant students and students with very young children.