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Advice for deaf and hard of hearing colleagues

  • The University provides a range of support for deaf and hard of hearing employees to ensure that you are treated equally and are fully included.
  • Tell your line manager about any barriers you may be experiencing in the workplace. Your line manager can help you to get the appropriate support in place which may include modified work duties, changes to your working environment, assistive technology, specialist equipment, or communication support professionals.
  • Access to Work is a Government scheme that can fund specialised assistive technology, equipment, communication support and can recommend reasonable adjustments. Even if you have an Access to Work agreement in place from a previous role, you should request a new assessment when moving to a new role so that any changes to your work environment and duties can be assessed for potential new barriers.
  • If you are comfortable doing so, declare your disability on your staff record, and be transparent with your colleagues. If you explain, for example, that you can communicate well if you can lip-read but may need things repeating, this will help them to communicate most effectively with you.
  • Read more information from the Equality & Inclusion Unit about Support for Disabled Staff at the University.