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How does the University support Muslim staff and students?

The University has many Muslim students and staff. We are very keen to provide a safe and inclusive environment, and facilities and arrangements to ensure that they are able to observe Ramadan alongside their studying, working and living on campus.

As well as the arrangements outlined below, you can check out advice from one of students who explains more about ways to get ready for Ramadan;

  • The 2023 Ramadan Arrangements include information about the Muslim Student Adviser, extended hours of prayer spaces and the Ramadan programme of activities and support, including hot Iftars on campus for both students and staff.
  • If you're unable to attend assessments on holy days or religious festivals, students can request alternative exam arrangements using the notification of religious commitments form.
  • Staff and students can access the two main Islamic prayer areas: the Green Room (located beside the Edge Sports Centre) and Cemetery Lodge (adjacent to the Faculty of Engineering buildings). Cemetery Lodge opening times won't change during Ramadan. You can access Cemetery Lodge Monday to Sunday between 8AM and 10PM. The Green Room will be open between Monday 20th March and Wednesday 5th April from 11AM to 11PM everyday, including weekends. The Green Room will remain closed during the Easter break and will reopen from Wednesday 12th April to Tuesday 25th April from 11AM to 11PM. Outside of Ramadan the Green Room is open Monday to Friday 11:00AM-11PM. Check the most up to date information about opening of prayer, contemplation and faith-based spaces on campus and the health and safety measures in place.
  • Community facilities and services are available nearby at the Grand Mosque in Leeds.
  • The University’s Chaplaincy Team offers support to staff and students.
  • Advice, support and guidance is also available to managers, staff and students from the Equality & Inclusion Unit at