Welcome to the Equality Policy Unit

Our vision is for the University of Leeds to be a beacon of excellence for Equality and Inclusion in the higher education sector.

In support of achieving this, we are the University’s centre for strategy, policy and guidance development on all student and staff equality and inclusion matters. We support our senior leaders and managers in Faculties and Services to take an evidence-based approach and mainstream and embed equality and inclusion into their strategies.  We also drive the delivery of the University’s Equality and Inclusion Framework which sets out our priorities for achieving our vision.

We provide expert advice to colleagues at all levels on best practice and how to maximise inclusion so that we attract and benefit from the best talent of students and staff from all backgrounds. We advise on the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty, ensuring that our statutory equality obligations are also met.

We represent the inclusion voice on many senior University committees and working groups and ensure that we maximise efforts to enhance relations between different groups and celebrate our distinctive rich campus diversity. We contribute to national, regional and local networks to ensure that our work is influenced by excellent practice in other professional sectors and indeed in other higher education institutions.

We are involved with many external and internal initiatives and interventions, making a difference to the achievement of equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes. You can explore the EPU webpages to find out more details of our work and recent activities.

Please do get in touch with EPU to see how we can work together to achieve our University’s strategic equality aspirations.

Sabiha Patel
Former Head of Equality and Inclusion