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Equality & Inclusion Governance

Equality and inclusion strategy and activities at the University are overseen by the Equality & Inclusion Board (E&IB), which is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and reports to Council and the University Executive Group. The E&IB is responsible for setting the University’s E&I priorities; the responsibility for implementing these is given to the Equality & Inclusion Delivery Group (E&I DG), which includes representatives from all faculties, staff networks, trades unions, key service and support areas, and LUU.

The Terms of Reference for, and membership of, both the E&IB and the E&I DG are detailed below.

Equality & Inclusion Board - Terms of Reference and membership

The terms of reference for the Equality and Inclusion Board (E&IB) are to:

  1. provide annual assurance to University Council that that the University is effectively discharging its E&I responsibilities and meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010;
  2. ensure that reporting requirements and compliance with equality legislation and to professional, regulatory and statutory bodies are fulfilled;
  3. approve the University’s E&I Framework 2020-25 ensuring that the strategic E&I priorities are aligned to the priorities/themes in the University Strategy;
  4. set the direction for the E&I Delivery Group on UoL E&I priorities on a three-year timeframe and receive regular reports from E&IDG on the delivery of these;
  5. approve the Equality Action Plans, developed by the Equality and Inclusion Delivery Group in support of the E&I Framework and priorities;
  6. advise on the Student Education, Research & Innovation, and International E&I priorities, ensuring that these that are embedded within the respective strategies and periodic reports on progress on E&I priorities from each area are received;
  7. ensure that E&I is embedded across all enabling UoL strategies and in all Faculty and Professional Services and to ensure that annual assurance reports on progress against the priorities outlined in the E&I Framework are received;
  8. receive, consider, endorse or challenge any policy recommendations for change in practice at University level, considering the impact on University resources;
  9. commission the E&I Delivery Group with required research to support acceleration of E&I progress through keeping abreast of best practice from the UK business and the HE sector and the evaluation of this within a UoL context;
  10. be responsible for any E&I non-compliance issues arising at the University.


The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Representative from University Council
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (1 from DVC Research or Student Education or International)
Chair of the Equality and Inclusion Delivery Group
Head of Equality and Inclusion
Director of Human Resources
Director of HR Service and Organisational Change
Director of Student Operations
Executive Dean (1 to represent all Faculties)
Chair of the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development Working Group (if DVC for Student Education is not attending)
LUU Union Affairs Officer
Secretary to E&I Board (E&I Officer, EPU (in attendance))

Equality & Inclusion Delivery Group - Terms of Reference and membership

The terms of reference for the Equality and Inclusion Delivery Group (E&IDG) are to:

  1. ensure the delivery of the E&I priorities set by the E&I Board;
  2. develop and deliver appropriate action plans to underpin the University’s E&I Framework 2020-25 and the individual race, gender, LGBT+ and disability equality frameworks;
  3. provide assurance and report on progress to the E&I Board, highlighting any issues or risks;
  4. ensure communication, alignment and collaboration with other services, groups and colleagues engaged in E&I activities across the University so as to advance the University’s overall E&I priorities in an effective and efficient manner;
  5. propose the development, design and implementation of further E&I interventions, based on information gathered from equality data, student and staff surveys/focus groups, making suggestions to E&I Board, considering the impact on University resources, for approval and Group delivery;
  6. evaluate pilot interventions and make recommendations for University- wide adoption, considering the impact on University resources;
  7. contribute to University applications to external E&I accreditations co-ordinated by the Equality & Inclusion Unit (EPU);
  8. receive regular updates from faculties and professional services on their E&I priorities and activities, sharing best practice and/or challenge and, where appropriate, cascading across the University;
  9. share good practice from partner and other external organisations and networks;
  10. support the Equality & Inclusion Unit in marking and celebrating agreed diversity events.


Chair – nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
Director of HR Service & Organisational Change/HR Leadership Team member
Head of Equality & Inclusion
Chair of the Student Experience and Success Steering Group
Chair of the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development Working Group
Staff Network Chairs (1 rep per Network)
Trade Union representatives (1 rep each for UCU, Unite and Unison)
Faculty E&I Leads (1 per Faculty)
Head of Student Support, Student Education Service
Head of Leadership and Professional Practice, ODPL
Head of Educational Engagement, Student Education Service
Dean of the Leeds Doctoral College
Senior representative from Research Innovation
Service Senior representative from the Communications team
Senior representative from Facilities Directorate
Senior representative of IT Directorate
Director of People, LUU
LUU Equality and Diversity Officer
Equality and Inclusion Officers, (EIU)
E&I Delivery Group Secretary (EIU)
Leeds Gender Framework and Athena SWAN Lead (co-opted)

Current members for the Equality & Inclusion Delivery Group can be found on this webpage.

Minutes from the Equality & Inclusion Delivery Group can be found on this webpage.