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Identity Management

Making changes to your identity information 

The University of Leeds recognises that staff and students may need to make changes to their identity information.  On this page you will find information on how to request changes to your name, gender or title (referred to here as your identity information) within University systems. Please read this page fully before you submit a request. 

The University holds your name in several core staff and/or student systems. Other associated and linked systems make use of the data from the core systems. So, when there are changes to your personal details, it is important to update the University through the process detailed below, so that changes can be applied effectively to core systems. 

The identity information you provided to the University during your application to study or work for us will normally have been used to populate University systems.   

  • Some changes will require documented evidence to be attached to the request, and some will not. 
  • We ask for the minimum evidence needed to ensure we can meet our statutory obligations. 
  • All data held by the University will be processed in line with the University’s data protection policy. 

How to change your identity information 

To begin updating your identity information you will need to complete a webform. When you complete the form, some personal information will be collected including your current University email address. You must access this form using your own University Office365 account. You will be asked to provide your identity information as held in our systems including: 

  • Your student or staff number as currently held in university systems  
  • Your name as currently held in university systems 
  • Which elements of your identity information you are requesting to update in our records. 
  • Supporting documentation relevant to the change maybe required in some circumstances. 

University IT systems are complex, and each person is an individual, with their own set of circumstances. To manage identity changes appropriately and sensitively, we want to make sure that your needs as the requestor are considered. In the form, you can highlight any sensitive or complex aspects of your request. For instance, this would be particularly important to do if you would find it distressing for your former identity information to be visible after your name has been changed.  

How to Submit a Request for a Change of Identity Information 

Open the Identity Change Request webform. ( ) 

You must be signed into your University of Leeds account for the form to open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I complete the form?  

Your request will be reviewed by a member of the Human Resources (if you are a member of staff) or Student Education Services Team (if you are a current student) within three University working days.  

In many situations, and where all the necessary information is submitted, your request will be changed in the relevant staff (SAP) or student (Banner) systems within five University working days. 

Where there are sensitive circumstances indicated in the request form: 

  • a member of the relevant team will contact you to discuss and agree an action plan to make sure that you are aware of the options and timing of the changes. This contact will be from HR, SES or IT, according to circumstances.  
  • The University’s digital identity specialists will work collaboratively to ensure that your request is treated sensitively and quickly. We aim to complete all identity changes within 30 days; however, we will also work with you to agree a plan which may result in a mutually agreed longer or shorter implementation plan. This will involve a confidential discussion about the systems you use and have used in the past at the University so that we can work with the relevant system owners and external vendors to make the necessary updates.    

What documentation do I need to provide? 

If you are making this request in line with the University's Trans Equality Policy and/or you have any concerns over your personal safety related to your identity, your request will be reviewed, and a dedicated person will be assigned to support you through this process.  

Where this is not the case, please provide evidence if you have it available.  Copies should be current, clear and show the identity you wish to use.  We may need to ask for evidence of your official name change for audit or compliance reasons. Any information provided will be held confidentially and in line with university data processing and retention schedules.  

If your request relates to a change in professional title (Dr, Professor) you must provide supporting information confirming award of this title e.g., PhD certificate or other official document with your title. 

If you are requesting to use an alternative name in addition to your official name e.g., for professional reasons then we do not require you to provide any evidence. 

There are external organisations such as HMRC, USS etc who require us to provide information about your identity.  Please note that the University is not able to notify these organisations on your behalf.  We recommend that you contact these organisations to update your information to avoid any misalignment. 

Examples of documents that can be accepted are:

  • Passport
  • Deed poll / Change of name deed
  • Marriage certificate
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Decree absolute
  • Final order (for name changes following marriage)
  • Civil partnership or divorce / ending a civil partnership or statutory declaration of change of name.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and other official documents may also be provided.  

International Staff and Students 

If you require a visa and are only in the UK for a limited period, you may wish to seek support from services within the University and externally when considering making changes to your identity. 

Further information can be found on the Home Office Website