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Equality & Inclusion Unit (E&IU)

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If you have any queries or questions concerning equality, diversity and inclusion activities, policies or procedures*, the Equality and Inclusion Unit can be contacted by email at

*The Equality and Inclusion Unit can offer advice but does not undertake casework on behalf of individuals.


New Menopause Guidance

Wellbeing, Health and Safety have recently updated their guidance on menopause in the workplace.  Two sets of guidance are now available: one for individuals who are going through or approaching the menopause, and one for managers, supervisors or colleagues to help them learn more about the menopause and support others who are going through this...

Update on Identity Management Activity

We have been continuing to work on updates that ensure changing your identity in our IT systems is a streamlined process for both staff and students and considers everyone’s privacy and wellbeing. The ‘change identity process’ is used if a person wishes to make changes to their digital identity resulting from: a marriage; a divorce;...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Data Project

Why are we collecting staff data? Human Resources and the Equality and Inclusion Unit are working with the Continuous Improvement team on a staff data project. The project aims to understand the reasons why current EDI data are incomplete in some areas. We need our staff to be willing to provide accurate equality information to...

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