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The University of Leeds has been commended for its work to support the career development of talented women in the form of a prestigious Bronze award under the Athena SWAN Charter.

Athena SWAN at the University of Leeds and is supported by the Equality Policy Unit, who work with faculties and Human Resources, advising them about Athena SWAN submission requirements and helping them to further embed its principles across the University.

Read more about the national Athena SWAN Charter.

Current University Awards

  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Bronze, awarded May 2020
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences, Silver, awarded May 2020
  • Leeds University Business School, Bronze, awarded May 2020
  • School of Medicine, Gold, awarded November 2019
  • Faculty of Engineering, Silver, awarded April 2019
  • Faculty of Environment, Silver, awarded November 2019
  • Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, Bronze, awarded November 2019
  • School of Psychology, Silver, awarded May 2019
  • School of Healthcare, Silver, awarded May 2018
  • School of Dentistry, Silver, awarded April 2017
  • University Level, Bronze, awarded November 2016


Leeds University Business School Bronze Submission November 2019 (PDF)

Faculty of Engineering Silver Submission April 2019 (Word)

Faculty of Environment Silver Submission April 2019 (Word)

School of Medicine Gold Submission April 2019 (PDF)

School of Psychology Silver Submission November 2018 (PDF)

School of Healthcare Silver Submission November 2017 (PDF)

Faculty of Biological Sciences Silver Submission April 2017 (PDF)

School of Dentistry Silver Submission April 2017 (PDF)

University of Leeds Silver Submission April 2016 (PDF)

Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Silver Submission April 2016 (PDF)

If you need accessible versions of the PDF and Word documents listed above, please contact us.

These web pages aim to pull together information on the range of support available to women across the University and externally.  If you have any ideas for items that could usefully be included, or any other comments on the site, please let us know by emailing the Athena Swan team.

For more information, please email the Athena Swan team.