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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Terms of Reference

Role of the Committee

The University Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee reports to the University Executive Group (UEG) and provides governance and assurance oversight of Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) activities to meet the University’s legal obligations and to achieve the objectives of the EDI Strategy and related University strategy KPIs. It also provides a forum for informing decision-making on institutional policies, procedures and actions relating to EDI.

The Committee will be reviewed after its first year of operation to ensure its effectiveness.


  1. To provide assurance to the University Executive Group that the University is effectively discharging its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and other equality-related legislation and regulation.
  2. To ensure that all reporting requirements and compliance with equality legislation, and to professional, regulatory and statutory bodies, are fulfilled.
  3. To advise and make recommendations to the University Executive Group on the University’s EDI Strategy and the achievement of institutional objectives and EDI KPI’s.
  4. To recommend to UEG, strategies, policies and procedures related to EDI, and in alignment with the commitments and priorities in the EDI Strategy and the University Strategy.
  5. To inform the direction for EDI work across the University.
  6. To ensure that EDI is embedded and progressing across all institutional strategies and across faculties and professional services.
  7. To approve, ensure alignment and have oversight of the University’s progress on Charter Mark applications, such as Athena Swan and the Race Equality Charter.
  8. To identify and facilitate research to support EDI progress and keep abreast of best practice from across HE and other sectors.
  9. To receive information from the EDI Steering Group.
  10. To ensure that any non-compliance or significant issues arising at the University are appropriately investigated and actions taken.
  11. To provide an annual report on EDI to Ethics and Values Committee.