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Guidance for managers and staff

  • Muslim staff and students will manage their own observance of Ramadan.
  • Be aware and open to discussing Ramadan and what support or adjustments Muslim staff would like.¬†Find out more about how to talk about religion without feeling awkward.
  • Observance may vary between individuals due to health, travel and other personal circumstances.
  • Members of staff may request leave over this period, for example, to work half-days and/or shorter working weeks to enable them to observe Ramadan. Other Muslim staff may request more flexible working arrangements. Leave requests are also likely to be made to enable staff to celebrate Eid with their families at the end of Ramadan. These requests should be managed in line with all existing University HR policies.
  • Students may request time off at Eid as well. This should be managed through conversations with students themselves and any impact on assessments should be considered.
  • Managers may wish to consider their meeting times over this period which enables the contribution of most staff.
  • Managers are advised to demonstrate empathy, sensitivity and understanding to balance supporting our staff to manage their Ramadan commitments, alongside ensuring we meet all our business needs.