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Confidentiality Policy

For the mediation process to be effective it is vital that our users trust us and feel free to talk in confidence.

The mediation service is completely confidential and is supported by a liability and confidentiality agreement and policy. If you are considering using the mediation service, please take the time to read these documents first as they form part of the terms and conditions when you take part in mediation.

Mediation service staff will not pass on personal information about you (including information relating to attending a session) to anyone outside the mediation service (including your manager, staff, relatives, friends or external agencies) without your expressed permission.

We will consult with you and seek to obtain your consent prior to the disclosure of any personal information if this information is deemed necessary.

However, information will be disclosed without your consent to the mediation coordinator who will then take appropriate action if any information which has been disclosed falls under the following:

  • Where there is a legal requirement to disclose information (e.g. the Children Act 1989, Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 or The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002)
  • When there are clear indications that you present a serious risk of harm to yourself or others
  • When we may be required to do so by University rules or policies