Key Contacts

The Equality Policy Unit team and Equality and Inclusion Co-ordinators can be found here.  The Faculty or School listed reflects the Equality and Inclusion Committee the Co-ordinators represent.

Dr Sahla of Social SciencesSchool of Politics and International Studies
Dr Carrie of Social SciencesSchool of Law
Helena of EnvironmentSchool of Earth and Environment: Technical Support (SEE: School Support)
Ellen, Humanities and Culture
Audrey Cobb
Audrey ServicesLibrary
Elana Fligg
Elana Engagement
Dr Yvonne Griffiths
Dr Yvonne of Education
Jaime Learning Service
Eirini Kourouvakali
Eirini Engagement
Joao Faria Martins
Joao Faria
Liz, Humanities and Cultures
Liz Oliver
Liz University Business School
Kate Pangbourne
Kate for Transport Studies
Catherine of Food Science and Nutrition
Marianne Savory
Marianne University Business School
Tasia Scrutton
Tasia, Humanities and Cultures
Johanna Directorate
Richard of Education Soc Sciences & LawSchool of Sociology and Social Policy
Briony Thomas
Sven Van Loo
Sven Van and Astronomy
Anna Wellard
Anna University Business School
David of Earth and Environment
Kerri Woods
Kerri of Social Sciences
Martin Zebracki