Support for disabled staff

All too often, disability can be seen as a problem by employers – something that means you are either ill or that your job performance is suffering. That’s not how we see it.

The University of Leeds supports the social model of disability. We believe that what really disables a person are not the impairments they have, but the physical, organisational and attitudinal barriers society creates by failing to take into account the requirements and aspirations of that person.

To ensure that those of us who are disabled have equal opportunities to non-disabled staff members, the University must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled employees. ‘Adjustment’ is the legal term for any adaptation made in the workplace to ensure equal access for a disabled person.

The most common types of adjustment include:

  • The services of a support worker (for example, a personal assistant or sign-language interpreter)
  • Equipment (for example assistive computer software or an adjustable height desk)
  • Transcription of written materials into accessible formats (for example braille or large print)
  • Reasonable adjustments to workplaces or the physical environment
  • Adjustments to an employee’s duties, working routine or conditions of service

If you would like an informal discussion, guidance or signposting to services available, contact the Equality Policy Unit or see the ‘Building Disability Confidence’  guidance.