Muslim Staff Network

The Muslim Staff Network is a peer support network which believes that, in order for every individual to reach their full potential, there must be no fear of discrimination or prejudice and a belief that career opportunities or experience of work is not predetermined by religion.


Membership is open to all University of Leeds staff from a Muslim background, and those with a positive interest in driving forward religious equality within the University of Leeds as an inclusive employer.


Our aims are to:

  • encourage the University of Leeds to maintain a safe and positive working environment for Muslim staff and support activities for the elimination of religious discrimination for employees;
  • support the University of Leeds to develop and maintain a representative workforce with inclusive leadership, and to raise the visibility and profile of the contribution that University of Leeds Muslim staff members make;
  • maintain and expand the membership of the University of Leeds Muslim Staff Network to provide a forum where Muslim staff can share experiences and issues affecting their work and professional development;
  • engage with other groups, including other internal and external staff networks, trade unions, employer associations and community groups who share a common agenda or experience of eliminating disadvantage, addressing unmet needs or increasing participation;
  • offer support and encouragement to other underrepresented or marginalised staff networks;
  • work in partnership with the University of Leeds to ensure compliance with the equality legislation relating to religious equality, and to enable the development and implementation of national policies and strategy.

For more information about joining the Muslim Staff Network, contact:

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