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Update on Identity Management Activity


We have been continuing to work on updates that ensure changing your identity in our IT systems is a streamlined process for both staff and students and considers everyone’s privacy and wellbeing.

The ‘change identity process’ is used if a person wishes to make changes to their digital identity resulting from:

  • a marriage;
  • a divorce;
  • a change in professional title;
  • a change of gender;
  • the use of a preferred name; or
  • any other reason that requires updating names in IT systems.

The University maintains hundreds of complex IT systems that enable both staff and students to carry out their work. Streamlining and improving the change identity process is a key objective of the IT Transformation Programme currently being undertaken by the University.

The University is approaching this work in two phases.


Phase one: Provide an interim change identity process

In March 2022, we introduced a temporary and improved process so that students and staff at the University can change their identity by filling in a secure form (you’ll need to be logged into Office 365 to access it).

Once a form has been submitted, the necessary changes are manually made to 15 core systems at the University. A full list of core systems included in this process are available on the IT website.

This interim measure will eventually be phased out by a new process, built around a new identity and access management system (phase two).


Phase two: Introduce a new Identity and access management system

In keeping with our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we will be introducing a new identity and access management system in the second semester of the 2022/3 academic year.

This identity and access management system will give staff and students greater control to update their digital identities when they join or leave the University, move within it or if they want to change anything.

It will also make the process of changing your identity faster, easier and importantly will streamline updates across the hundreds of other systems in use around the University.

The project team is currently reviewing the hundreds of applications that are used by staff and students to look at how these systems and processes will work and interact with our new identity and access management system.

As we bring in the new identity and access management system, we will also be doing the following:

  • Consulting with students and staff on the new system, including LUU elected officers and our LGBT+ networks. Updates will be posted on the Equality and Inclusion Unit (EIU) webpages.
  • Exploring the delivery of training for operational and technical staff to refresh their understanding of their obligations around privacy and data.
  • Providing assurances around the process for changing your identity, including an indication of the time it takes for the process to be completed, and setting out clear expectations.

Thank you to Leeds University Union elected officers and members of our trans community for their goodwill and help as we undertake the delivery of this important piece of work.


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