Staff with caring responsibilities

The role of carer touches many. Today we know that:

  • 3 million people in the UK juggle paid work with unpaid caring responsibilities – 1 in 7 people in any workforce. (Employers for Carers)
  • 23% of University of Leeds staff have declared they have a caring responsibility

If you are a member of staff who has caring responsibilities for either one or more  children, one or more disabled children, a relative or family member, or manage someone who does, the following section provides information on relevant University policies and support that is available:

Human resources:

We are keen to support all our staff and help them stay healthy and happy. When you work at the University of Leeds you can take advantage of extensive support services:

Occupational Health/Staff counselling and Psychological Support Service:

Carers Leeds

Aims to support all unpaid Carers throughout Leeds by providing information, advice, social and emotional support. Carers Leeds will work in partnership with Carers, statutory and other organisations to promote the interests of Carers and to contribute to local and national strategies.

Employers for Carers

The University is delighted to be a member of Employers for Carers (EfC) EfC is an innovative, practical and growing service for employers, its key purpose is to help employers to support the carers in their workforce. Resources include a dedicated members’ website with:

  • An Employers section which includes practical tips and advice for line managers on all sorts of issues ranging from sample policies, good practice examples and case studies (including from across the world) to information on key workplace issues including FAQs, top tips and briefings on the law.
  • An Employees section which includes advice about carers’ rights and how to access support inside and outside the workplace. This section also signposts to the Carers UK website which provides practical advice and information on caring, access to complimentary online membership of Carers UK and access to an active web forum to which individual carers can sign up in a personal capacity.
  • Free downloadable guides for line managers and employees including: Employer’s guide which provides information on relevant legislation, practical tips and the business benefits of supporting carers at work. Manager’s handbook which provides practical information and support for line manager. Carer’s guide for employees. Guide to the right to request flexible working for employees.

Please contact for the username and password to log in to the website.