Staff with caring responsibilities

The role of carer touches many. Today we know that:

  • 3 million people in the UK juggle paid work with unpaid caring responsibilities – 1 in 9 people in any workforce. (Employers for Carers)
  • 23% of University of Leeds staff have declared they have a caring responsibility with 15% of staff preferring not to say and 21% declaring as unknown*

If you are a member of staff who has caring responsibilities for either one or more children, one or more disabled children, a relative or family member, or manage someone who does, the following section provides information on relevant University policies and support that are available, including:

Additionally, if you are a carer for a family member or a friend who has an illness, disability or addiction, Carers Leeds can provide support and information. Carers Leeds visit the University once per month to offer colleagues a free, confidential 30 minute appointment on campus to staff who are working carers.  The aim of these appointments is to provide a wide range of practical advice, support and information, including:

  • Carer benefits and allowances
  • Access to sitting services, respite and carers breaks
  • Carers assessments
  • Opportunities for carers to support each other and a range of Carers Support Groups
  • Looking after your wellbeing as a carer
  • Transport
  • Equipment and support for the cared for person

For details of the next available appointment please email Equality Policy Unit or call 0113 34 36973.  Feedback received from those using the service has been extremely positive, with support to access services, offers of help to complete forms and home visits along with the opportunity to be fully listened to, supported and understood.

Carers Leeds aims to support all unpaid carers throughout Leeds by providing information, advice, social and emotional support. Carers Leeds will work in partnership with carers, statutory and other organisations to promote the interests of carers and to contribute to local and national strategies.

* If you wish to check and update your equality information you can do so through Employee or manager self service.