Information on Support for Personal and Professional Development

Included below are links to a variety of networks, organisations and publications that you may find of value.  If you are aware of others that you believe would benefit other staff and students, please forward details to:

  • Leadership and Management Development – Development opportunities are available to all staff throughout the University with a leadership and management responsibility. This could be as a team leader, leading a research area or taking a lead role in a teaching area. The Staff and Departmental Development Unit offers a range of programmes for staff wishing to develop themselves in the areas of leadership, management and supervisory skills. To suit different learning needs and preferences development opportunities are offered either as short stand-alone workshops or structured programmes including mentoring and action learning in addition to workshops:
  • Mentoring – The University’s Staff and Departmental Development Unit has web pages covering a wide range of topics on mentoring, including guidelines for mentors and mentees and hints and tips on how to find an appropriate mentor:
  • Faculty of Engineering PACE Mentoring Scheme
  • Personal Development for Women (Springboard) – Springboard is an award-winning three-month personal development programme designed especially for women. It has been created to enable women to achieve greater recognition and influence and to fulfil their potential in both their work and personal lives. Springboard supports the University’s Single Equality Scheme in giving women the tools to develop themselves and their own careers, and is one way of ensuring that women continue to be represented, particularly at more senior levels in the University: 
  • Promotion Opportunities – The University has in place procedures for applying for promotion which are open to all staff. These have been rigorously reviewed in partnership with the trade unions to ensure that they are not discriminatory. Details of the procedures can be found at: 
  • Research Career Skills – To enable the achievement of an influential world-leading University research profile, the Staff and Departmental Development Unit supports the development of research skills and research careers by providing a continuum of courses spanning research students, postdoctoral research staff, early-career academic staff and senior staff with research management and leadership responsibilities: