Dr Claire Owen

I started working at the University in 2014 and joined the Equality Policy Unit as the Management Information Analyst in 2018. Before starting in the Unit, I was employed as a Biostatistician in the School of Medicine, where I gained experience of analysing confidential/sensitive data and reporting findings. I am also a committee member for the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Leeds/Bradford Group and have gained accreditation from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), ensuring I am using the most appropriate and up-to-date techniques for analysis.

I currently analyse and interpret a range of data relating to equality at the University, including those required for Equality Charters such as Athena Swan. The analyses I conduct support the delivery of the Equality and Inclusion Strategy throughout the University, and strengthen our evidence-based approach to advance the equality aspirations at the University. I also work with colleagues across the University to encourage disclosure of equality data amongst staff and students, to improve the data used in analyses.