Workshops & support for Dyslexic Students – Semester 2 – 2011/12

  • Venue for all workshops is the Equality Service meeting room on level 10 in room 10.40, EC Stoner Building.

  • <span style="

    font-size: small;”>If you wish to register for any of the workshops please email: Please note, course places are limited and on a first come basis.

  • Students attending the workshops need to be in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA.)

1 February 14.15-16.15 Dissertation Workshop 2

“The Middle Game” a workshop considering the best approaches to adopt at the mid-point in a final year dissertation: research strategies, writing skills in long projects, time management issues, dealing with stress, keeping to the word count and so on.

8 February 14.00-16.00 Time Management Workshop

A workshop looking at the best strategies to adopt in relation to organising and planning the academic semester: compiling daily-weekly-monthly timetables, organising academic contact and background studying: when to study and where to study, how long to study for, identifying an prioritising most urgent tasks and so on.

15 February 14.00-16.00 Presentation Skills Workshop

A workshop designed to improve the delivery of academic presentations, whether group or individual, looking at: structure of the presentation, how to deal with Q and A’s, use of visual aids, the significance of pacing, ways of engaging an audience and so on.

14 March 14.00-16.00 Dissertation Workshop 3

“End Game” a workshop considering the best approaches to adopt when approaching the final stage of the dissertation: final revision techniques, hitting the word count, further work on stress and time management, damage limitation and so on.

18 April Revision & Examination Strategies Workshop

A workshop looking at the most efficient approaches to adopt in preparing for and undertaking end of semester examinations: when to start revising, what is the most efficient revision timetable, revision techniques, mnemonics and other memory aids, use of past papers, ways of approaching different types of examinations – long answer-short answer-MCQs, presentation of examination scripts, ways of ensuring the paper is “finished,” and finally, ways of reducing anxiety over examinations.

31 May 14.00-16.00 Dissertation Workshop 0

“Opening Moves” a workshop designed for second year students going into third year – strategies to adopt for research in the summer holidays, the main requirements of a dissertation, how to start research, the importance of both primary and secondary research, when to start writing, use of supervisors, time management and so on.