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Report on trans guidance working group 


Report on trans guidance working group 

I am writing to provide an update on the work of the trans guidance working group.

On 20 October 2021, a second meeting of the group did not go ahead as planned as we were informed that members of the Staff and Student Networks did not feel that the meeting was safe or that their voices were being adequately heard within the group.

Following this meeting, the working group was temporarily paused to allow time to find a way to address the concerns raised.

Work began on contacting some external organisations to see whether they could provide listening circles for the various stakeholders involved in the updating of the trans guidance.

An organisation has been selected to provide some listening circles with a view to starting them in March 2022.  Once the external organisation has facilitated the listening circles, they will produce a report with information from the listening circles detailing the voices of the stakeholders and some recommendations on ways to move forward.  The report that will be provided by the external organisation will be anonymised.

Charlene Tyreman

Interim Equality and Inclusion Manager