Nominations for Windrush Plaques

We’ve had a request from Lelir Yeung, Head of Equality, Communities, Leeds City Council to circulate this message re: an initiative to commemorate Leeds Windrush history, as part of the 2019 Black History Month celebrations. Please see below:

Following discussion at the Leeds Equality Network, please find below details of the Windrush Trail and nomination form. (The form is available here.)

The Windrush Trail will place Windrush Plaques in key locations across the City that celebrate and highlight the history of the cities Windrush Communities.

The Windrush Plaques can commemorate:

  • people (who may still be alive today) who have contributed to the Windrush Communities of Leeds
  • events that are important in Leeds Windrush history (this could include recent or more historical events)
  • places including buildings and locations that have significance for the Windrush Communities in Leeds

I have attached a copy of the nomination form which I would be grateful if you could circulate to any contacts/networks you have (or you may have a person, place or event you may want to nominate).

Please note the deadline for submissions is 2nd September. Forms to be returned to Communities Team, Leeds City Council, Enterprise House, 12 St Pauls Street, Leeds, LS1 2LE.