LGBT History Month 2017

Academic Showcase: LGBT and Queer-related research

Every February Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month is celebrated, and this year was marked by the LGBT Staff Network with an Academic Showcase event. Four colleagues from the University who are undertaking LGBT-related research presented short, accessible talks on their work, with questions, discussion and networking in-between.

Sally-Anne Beverley opened the event with her work on ‘Violence Against Bisexual Women: A Hidden Epidemic’. Sally-Anne presented evidence showing that bisexual women are disproportionally affected by domestic violence, and discussed possible reasons for this. She hopes ultimately to provide toolkits to providers of support services to better serve the needs of bisexual women.

Kit Heyam’s research ‘How did Edward II get his Reputation?’ put the History into History Month! Kit underlined the importance of considering differences between our contemporary terminology, and definitions of identity, with those from other eras.

Kuldip Bharj spoke about her work on ‘Breaking the Silent Closet’. Kuldip has vast experience in midwifery and education, with an interest in marginalised and disadvantaged groups. She discussed experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, and how midwifery education and training could best support lesbian women.

Adriaan van Klinken provided the final presentation on ‘Same Love: A Kenyan Gay Music Video as an African Queer Imaginary’. After an introduction the audience watched the video, which had been banned in Kenya. The words and images contained a mixture of religious references with happy same-sex couples and troubled individuals, making a political claim towards the recognition of same-sex love in Africa.

The event gave a flavour of the wide variety of research at Leeds; often unknown as we concentrate on our own specialities. The audience was equally diverse, made up of students and staff from a number of disciplines, and including some friends from Leeds Beckett University. Our thanks to speakers and attenders for making the event such a success.

The LGBT Staff Network exists to ensure that the views and concerns of LGBT staff are represented and considered at an organisational level, and that their interests continue to form a part of the University’s wider equality and inclusion agenda. The network is open to anyone, whatever their gender or sexual identity. If you’d like to find out more, please visit our LGBT staff network page or email

More information on the speakers can be found at:

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