A message from Non Binary Leeds

A message from Non Binary Leeds:

Help us support vulnerable non-binary and trans people in Leeds! The UK right now is an exhausting place to be non-binary/trans, and lots in our community are struggling in the face of rampant and normalised transphobia, underemployment, precarious housing, inadequate healthcare and a failing benefits system. Times are uncertain and the LGBTQ community and our allies need to support each other when others won’t.

By creating a solidarity fund we can help vulnerable members of our community cover basic costs like rent, food, utilities and travel, amongst others.

Non-Binary Leeds is a grassroots, community-led support and advocacy group organised currently by a team of 4 volunteers, and while our resources are limited, we happily work hard to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people.

For queries contact us at nonbinaryleeds@gmail.com