National Inclusion Week

We’re pleased to announce that the timetable for National Inclusion Week 2020 (28 September – 4 October) is now available on the EPU Webpages.

Each year, Inclusive Employers’ National Inclusion Week (NIW) encourages thousands of organisations across the globe to host their own National Inclusion Week events, demonstrating their commitment and dedication to inclusion in the workplace. Internally, it creates opportunities for all employees to be a part of the everyday inclusion conversation.

The week occurs every autumn and this year it will be held the week commencing 28 September. Although this takes place over only one week each year, the events are designed to celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms and encourage organisations to share, promote and inspire inclusion practices and cultures throughout the year. Each year there is new theme for the week.

The theme for NIW 2020 is Each One, Reach One. It is about the opportunity that we all have to connect with someone else, or another organisation, to help them understand the opportunities that inclusion brings. It is about individuals and organisations connecting and inspiring each other to make inclusion an everyday reality.

In light of Covid-19 restrictions, this year all the University’s NIW events will be held online. The timetable includes a wide range of activities, which will be delivered by both members of the UoL community and also external guest speakers. There are popular events from last year, such as: Chinese Name Pronunciation session and Carers Leeds workshop, and also new events, such as: Postural Awareness workshop, Accessible Yoga, Trans Informative session, Making Documents Accessible training, and a presentation from the newly formed Chronic Pain and Fatigue Staff Network. 

In addition, the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences will be hosting an exciting two part event. This will include an open and honest panel discussion, from UoL students and staff, on their sense of belonging and a follow up discussion with presentations from UoL staff.

All events are free to attend. We would ask that you register your place via the Eventbrite pages, listed on the EPU NIW webpage. This will enable us to manage the numbers of attendees and, where relevant, share any content with you after the session.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please email the EPU team, if you have any questions regarding NIW week.

Friday 18 September 2020.