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Leeds Female Leaders Network

Leeds Female Leaders Network

A Faculty of Medicine and Health (FM&H) initiative, this Network brings together like-minded people from Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust (LTHT) and the FM&H with the long-term aim to develop, build and maintain strong, female leaders across the healthcare and clinical academic sector in Leeds.  The network is for all genders, to inspire women by building their confidence, capabilities and contacts, through linking in with other local and national initiatives and developing relationships with established female leaders' networks from other sectors.

The Network was created by Prof Anne-Maree Keenan and Dr Jacqueline Andrews. We now have several hundred members from both organisations.


Network leads

Dr Kerrie Davies

Dr Jane Freeman

Steering committee

Dr Rebecca Jones

Prof Anne-Maree Keenan

Dr Melissa Maguire

Dr Suparna Mitra

Dr Ai Lyn Tan


Please contact Ahliyah Shafiq to join the Network, everyone welcome.


Upcoming events

28th November 2023, 12:00-16:00, NEXUS, University of Leeds.

Please register here:


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