Leeds Gender Framework

The Leeds Gender Framework is the University’s strategic approach to gender equality, also enabling the delivery of the University’s Equality and Inclusion Framework.

The Gender Equality Mission, in line with the Equality Vision 2014 – 2019, is to challenge and change the current culture and systems of the University to ensure we make gender equality a reality, to create an environment which allows everyone to feel supported and empowered to achieve their full potential.  Through this vision we envisage more inclusive, flexible and fair working practices.

The Leeds Gender Framework Steering Group provides strategic oversight for the delivery of the Gender Equality Mission.  Its work is supported by:

  • Gender Action Plan Oversight Group which takes lead responsibility towards the delivery of the Gender Action Plan (PDF);
  • Cross-institutional Athena SWAN Leads Group which shares best practice and activities across the University through Athena SWAN groups of HR Managers and institutional, faculty and departmental Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams.

Several developmental and support groups for women underpin our work and they include: