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Business In The Community

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The University has joined Business In The Community (BITC), a business-led network dedicated to responsible business, founded 40 years ago.  BITC has a membership of almost 600 organisations across all sectors in the UK, each committed to embedding and improving responsible business practice and working collectively to create lasting, beneficial impacts in their communities.

What are BITC's aims?

BITC focus on:

  • Developing a skilled and inclusive workforce
  • Ensuring work is good for everyone
  • Innovating to sustain and regenerate the planet
  • Building thriving communities

What can BITC offer the University?

BITC can support the University to improve responsible business practice.  This support includes:

  • Resources and events
  • Networking opportunities to share learning with other organisations
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Tailored support and advice

What resources are available for me?

The resources fall under six topics:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employment and Skills
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Healthy Business
  • Healthy Communities
  • Healthy Environment

They include factsheets, toolkits and webinars on a wide range of subjects.  All colleagues are encouraged to browse the resources.  Recent additions include information on supporting carers in the workplace, a toolkit to help organisations understand and address their Gender Pay Gap, a fact sheet on mental health in the workplace, a toolkit on age inclusive employment and much more.

Events and webinars

BITC run a number of online events and webinars, many of which are free to university colleagues as members.  You can browse a timetable of forthcoming events on the BITC website.  If you are interested in an online event but are unable to attend, you can register and you will receive the resources and a recording of the event afterwards.

Monthly Newsletter

You can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter from BITC, and if you specify your areas of interest, the information you receive will be tailored to your needs.  You can read an example of a newsletter below.

BITC Members Newsletter October 2021

The Race at Work survey

BITC run the Race at Work survey, which the university took part in for the first time this year.  The report for the 2021 survey is now available on their website.  It gives an analysis of trends, and recommendations for all leaders on improving their work in this area.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to build up your experience, BITC can find opportunities for volunteering.  These could range from helping businesses with website design, leading one off training sessions, providing support with fundraising applications and opportunities for mentoring.  Many of these are online.  These may be of interest to students and new graduates looking to gain experience of the workplace.  You can find a list of current opportunities attached, and sign up to receive these on a regular basis on My BITC.

Volunteering opportunities

The Responsible Business Map

healthy communities, healthy business and healthy environment

© Business in the Community

BITC define a responsible business as a healthy business, and aim to support members in becoming responsible businesses by working to create healthy communities and a healthy environment.  The Responsible Business Map was built on the UN's Global Goals, or Sustainable Development Goals.  You can find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals here.

The outer part of the Responsible Business Map shows the areas that members should work on to achieve positive societal and environmental outcomes.  The inner part shows the five aspects to becoming a healthy business.  BITC will help the University to assess how it is performing against these goals, and strengthen areas of weakness.