0.1 Key Steps

These are the steps that could most usefully be taken when a student or applicant discloses a pregnancy – Section 6 of this webpage contains more information about each stage.

Step 1: Student consults their GP and other appropriate services and considers disclosing their pregnancy to their School/Faculty, particularly where elements of their programme of study present risk to the health and safety of the student or child.

Step 2a: Taught Students; Student requests a meeting with their personal tutor, or other trusted member of staff, to discuss the implications of their pregnancy for their course of study.

Step 2b: Research Students; Student requests a meeting with their supervisor and/or their postgraduate research tutor to discuss the implications of their pregnancy for their programme of study.

Step 3: The member of staff considers the implications of the pregnancy for the course of study – and ensures that any appropriate risk assessment(s) are completed for any potentially hazardous elements of the programme of study, including course placements, study abroad and fieldwork.

Step 4: Student explores any potential implications of agreed flexibilities on payment of tuition fees with the Accounts receivable section of Student Administration.

Step 5: School/Faculty prepares a written statement detailing agreed flexibilities and sends a copy to the student.

Step 6: Responsible member of staff communicates written agreement to personal tutor and other relevant staff/exam boards along with, where appropriate, a mitigating circumstances form.

Step 7: Student and member of staff jointly monitor agreement and any risk assessments through pregnancy and agree further adjustments if the need arises.