9. What support is available to staff members to help them to advise, or take a flexible approach to, a pregnant student?

Support from the Equality & Inclusion Unit

If, at any stage, a member of staff would like some assistance in thinking through the practical implications of an individual student’s pregnancy, they are welcome to request a meeting with an Equality and Inclusion Manager from the Equality & Inclusion Unit to act as an initial sounding board.

Since this meeting is intended to assist the member of staff in thinking through options, and because the Equality & Inclusion Unit does not normally provide advice to individual students, the student would not normally be present at the meeting. (The student, of course, is welcome to make use of the LUU Student Advice Centre at any stage as an alternative).

The Equality and Inclusion Manager may be contacted telephoning 0113 34 36560 or via e-mail.

Members of staff may also wish to consult their own manager/supervisor or one of their local Equality & Inclusion Coordinators as alternative sources of advice on these matters (bearing in mind the need to respect confidentiality if so requested by the student).

Support relating to health and safety issues

Advice on health and safety issues relating to pregnant students may be sought from a School/Faculty Health and Safety Coordinator or Health and Safety Manager and/or University Health and  Safety Services. See the Health and Safety Risk Assessment Guidance Notes (Word) and the Risk Assessment Template (Word) for further guidance.