12. Links to sources of further information and support

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning sources of further information or support for students and staff members:


Is there anywhere that lists student advice services covering a range of different problems?

Help@Leeds – is a web site devoted to identifying sources of help for students facing a variety of problems.


Is there any financial support available from the University to help me to continue with my studies?

The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) is Government funding to help students access and remain in Higher Education – particularly those who need financial help to meet extra costs which cannot be met from other sources of support. More information is available from Access to Learning Fund or via telephone: 0113 3432007.


Where can I find out about family accommodation available through the University?

Accommodation Services.


Where can I find out about other family accommodation in Leeds?

Unipol specialises in providing houses for students who are not adequately catered for in the private rented sector. An important part of Unipol’s housing is reserved specially for students with dependants. UNIPOL student homes.


Who do I need to talk to about the impact on my fees of any temporary absence?

Accounts Receivable (Fees).


Is there anybody who can provide advice to me as a member of staff who has been approached by a student to help me to determine the best way to support them?

The Equality & Inclusion Unit can provide advice to staff members on how to provide flexible support for a pregnant student/student parent/student carer.


Is there anywhere on the University’s web site that has information on support and networking for student parents?

The Lifelong Learning Centre, has a web site dedicated to information for student parents.


What support can I expect from the Students’ Union?

Leeds University Union (LUU) has a student advice centre which can provide advice to students on a whole range of topics – The service is open 9.30 – 5.00 Monday to Friday. They can be contacted via telephone on: 0113 380 1290 or via email.

The following sections of the LUU website may be particularly relevant:

  • Information about the University’s Access to Learning Fund.
  • Information about the LUU Abortion Fund.
  • Information about the LUU New Born Baby Fund.
  • General information about pregnancy.
  • Information about the Student Advice Centre.
  • Information about the Student Parents Society.
  • Information on where to seek legal advice.


Where can I seek advice about health and safety during my pregnancy or when I’m breastfeeding?

The annex to this policy gives guidance on potential hazard during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the need to carry out a risk assessment. Further advice is available from Health and Safety Services.


Is there anywhere I can go to discuss my circumstances outside of my School/Faculty?

The Student Counselling Centre is open 8.30 – 5.00 Monday to Friday and offers the opportunity to talk to a BACP accredited Counsellor. The web site also contains various online self help resources to help cope with stress etc.


Is there anywhere I can discuss my circumstances in confidence outside of the University?

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths Society offers on-line advice and support.


Where can I go for spiritual guidance?

The Chaplains at Universities Chaplaincy in Leeds are experienced at listening and offering support and guidance to students and staff of all faiths and none.


Is there any advice available specifically for research students at the University?

The staff in Research Student Administration have an understanding of the needs of and regulations relating to research students.


I’m an international student. Where can I go for advice?

International Student Office.


Does the University have childcare facilities on site?

Bright Beginnings, Mount Preston Street, LS2 9JT is a nursery for children aged 3 months and 5 years – holiday play scheme for children aged between 5 and 11 years. Bright Beginnings can be contacted via Telephone: 0113 343 1818, or via email. 


Is there any additional financial help available to me as a student parent?

Home students with dependent children who are in full time higher education may be able to get extra financial help. A Childcare Grant is available to help with childcare costs, and the Parents’ Learning Allowance with learning costs. Other help includes Child Tax Credit and the Access to Learning Fund.


Is there any additional financial support available to me a student with caring responsibilities for an adult dependant?

A home student in full-time higher education who has an adult who depends on them financially may be entitled to extra help through the Adult Dependants’ Grant.


Is there any general advice available concerning my rights as a parent in the UK?

The government has produced a guide to childcare which covers child health and safety, preschool provision, school provision, care during pregnancy, financial support etc.