10. What support is available for a student whose partner is pregnant?

In most cases, full-time and part-time programmes are likely to be flexible enough to enable a student whose partner is pregnant, or whose partner is about to adopt a child, to take occasional breaks – perhaps to attend antenatal appointments with their partner and/or take some time to be with their partner around the time of the birth or adoption.

In the case of research students, some funding bodies may allow a period of time for paternity leave. Students should refer to the terms and conditions relating to their award.

Where circumstances are more complex, a student whose partner is pregnant or about to adopt may still wish to discuss this with their School/Faculty (normally their personal tutor/research supervisor) – especially if they feel that this may significantly affect their studies. In these circumstances, staff members are encouraged to demonstrate a similar degree of flexibility to that described in Section 6 step 2a.

In such circumstances a student may wish to seek support from the Student Counselling Centre.

If a student requires legal advice concerning parental status etc. the Leeds University Union Advice Centre can direct the student to appropriate sources of such advice.

Such advice will also be available from the Leeds Citizen’s Advice Bureau.