Women of Mathematics – a Gallery of Portraits

  • Date: Monday 18 September - Tuesday 10 October, 2017

The School of Maths is organising events to promote a positive image of women doing mathematics.

 The main event is a Photographic Exhibition on “Women of Mathematics throughout Europe – A Gallery of Portraits” which will run from 18 September to 10 October 2017 in the Edward Boyle Library Foyer. 

 To promote this, the School of Maths is sponsoring a Photography Competition on “Breaking Stereotypes in Mathematical Science”. 

All undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Leeds are invited to submit a picture (by 22nd of September) to enter the competition and get the chance to win £100 and £50 in Amazon vouchers! A flyer for the photo competition is attached.

Moreover on Wednesday 27th there will be a series of Public Talks in Mathematics – Challenges and Rewards aimed at general public (i.e. any student/staff at University of Leeds). The winners of the photo competition will be declared during this event and there will be a tour of the exhibition afterwards.