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Supporting Staff with Long Covid and other chronic fatigue conditions

Friday 1 October 2021, 12:30-14:00
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Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week 2021, 27th September to 3rd October.

To mark National Inclusion Week 2021 the University of Leeds Chronic Pain & Fatigue Staff and PGR Network are hosting a workshop to discuss good practice for supporting colleagues with long covid and other chronic fatigue conditions.

This informal seminar will comprise three short sessions in which we will hear from a former member of University staff with first-hand experience of long covid, and explore how line managers can support staff with chronic health conditions which include fatigue.

We hope that the session will also raise awareness of ‘unseen’ yet widespread health conditions which include chronic fatigue, such as long covid, type 1 diabetes, M.E., fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


1230-1240: Welcome & brief introduction to chronic fatigue health conditions in the workplace. Facilitator: Clare Coleman (Co-convenor, Chronic Pain & Fatigue Staff & PGR Network).

1240-1300: Working well with long covid. Speaker: Pauline Oustric (President & co-founder #ApresJ20 Association Covid Long France, and former Leeds PGR).

1300-1320: Good practice in line management: a case study experience from the School of Psychology. Speakers: Ed Sutherland (Associate Professor & Director of Student Education, School of Psychology) and Lucy Prodgers (Postgraduate Teaching Assistant and Co-convenor, Chronic Pain & Fatigue Staff & PGR Network).

1320-1335: A new tool for managing chronic health conditions in the workplace. Speaker: Sally Rose (Head of Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service).

1335-1355: Q&A

1355-1400: Summary & key take-home messages

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About the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Staff Network

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Network Logo

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Network Logo

This event is organised by the University of Leeds Chronic Pain & Fatigue Staff and PGR Network. This new staff network aims to:

  • generate an increased level of acceptance and understanding of experiences of living and working with pain and/or fatigue across all areas of the University of Leeds.
  • work to facilitate the provision of reasonable adjustments at work in relation to pain and fatigue conditions.
  • enable network members to develop their own personal toolkit for managing pain and fatigue in the workplace, including while working at home.

For more details or to join, please email Lucy (