National Inclusion Week 2019


Please see the below for details of the National Inclusion Week programme. You can use the online booking page*, to book onto events. We hope you’ll join us!

*Climbing Wall Taster Sessions need to be booked directly at The Edge reception

A group of people smiling and laughing, sat in a cafe. Each person is sitting on an arm chair around a table, which is covered with a teapot and cups and saucers.

23 September 11:00-13:00
Location: Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (1.04)
Our opening event for National Inclusion Week is the Diversity Café – an opportunity to meet representatives from our staff networks and hear about the work they do, social and networking activities they host, and their plans for the future. Refreshments will be available throughout.

While this is an informal, drop-in style café event, which is open to all staff and PGRs, if you do have any dietary requirements, we do ask you to please use the booking system to provide this information in advance. We look forward to welcoming you to the Diversity Café!

The following Staff Networks have been confirmed: Leeds11, LGBT+ Staff Network (the recently formed Trans, Non-binary and Intersex Community group will also be represented), Muslim Staff Network and Women@Leeds

23 September 14:00-16:00
Location: Baines Wing (G.03)
Are you studying at university without support from your family? Or maybe you teach or support estranged students and want to find out more about the challenges they face and the help that is available? Drop in to meet Lisa – our main contact for estranged students – for an informal chat about the difficulties of studying without parental support and the advice and assistance that’s available. You can also feed your ideas into our ongoing discussions about how the University might improve and extend the support it offers to estranged or unsupported students in the future. Refreshments will be available.

Please note, booking is not required for this drop-in session and so is not listed on the bookings page

24 September 10:30-11:30
Location: Baines Wing SR (1.06)
Have you ever wondered what the correct pronunciation of the last name Zhang is? You may be surprised to learn that the “zh” sound is actually more like a “J” sound (as in the word John). Join us and learn tips and strategies that will help you better pronounce the names of the Chinese students and colleagues. The workshop is led by a native Chinese-speaker Joyce Cai who works at the University Language Centre. Participants will leave this one-hour session able to comfortably pronounce the names of students and colleagues from mainland China.

This picture is a illustration of approx 100 different individuals, who are linked up by multiple dotted lines, creating a network image.

24 September 13:00-13:45
Location: Baines Wing SR (G.37)
Tips and tricks from the University’s Social Media Manager, Martin Carter, on how to make your social channels more inclusive, with guidance covering all the major social media accounts. Suitable for colleagues running social media accounts at the University, or for those who just want to make their own social media more inclusive.

24 September 14:00-15:30
Location: Chemistry LT E (G.76)
With an estimated 1% of the population falling somewhere on the broad ‘trans’ spectrum, public-facing organisations are likely to encounter a range of diverse trans people in the course of their professional work. Employers, too, need to be ready and able to welcome, include and support trans people as part of their workforce.

This 90-minutes session run by Gendered Intelligence, explores what ‘trans’ means and the diversity of those who might use the term, introducing key concepts crucial to understanding trans people. It will give an overview of the main legislation relating to trans identities and outline ways an organisation can work towards being trans-inclusive.

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25 September 11:00-12:00
Location: IT Training room 1 (Room 6.30 E C Stoner)
Microsoft provides a range of accessibility tools that can help everyone make better use of their products. This session is a short presentation introducing some of these features in Windows and Office 365, followed by time to try them out yourself.

Everyday Inclusion in Everyday Teaching

25 September 11:00-12:30 and 26 September 13:00-14:30
Location: will be confirmed by email to registered attendees
This free interactive 90min workshop is open to staff, postgraduate researchers and members of the public, who are involved in teaching and/or supporting adult learners. The workshop is running twice, to ensure more people can attend and share practice. Members of the University’s Inclusive Learning and Teaching Group will facilitate the workshop: Jenny Brady is Project Lead on the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Project and is currently based in LITE (Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence) and Kirsten Thompson is a Digital Practice Adviser in the Academic Practice Team in OD&PL.

How well do you know your students? Is it acceptable that some students have an advantage over others, because of their linguistic or cultural background, or the way they learn? Come find out. Your mission should you choose to accept it? You have recently taken over from your predecessor, who has left you their learning and teaching materials. You are going to be teaching first year students on an undergraduate semester 1 module. The materials and activities need improvement to ensure they are inclusive of the needs and backgrounds of your students. Are you up to the task?

The University has recently committed to a baseline of inclusion in learning and teaching. This interactive workshop will help you reflect on and share, your existing practice. Participation is welcomed from student education and supporting roles, as well as those currently involved in teaching.

This image shows a close up of a map including the UK and Europe. Capital cities are marked with a pin which are all joined up by a piece of string.

25 September 12:00-13:30
Location: Business School, Maurice Keyworth SR (1.04)
With a rich and diverse staff body encompassing colleagues from over 90 countries, the University of Leeds has a lot to offer, but how much do you really know about your colleagues or indeed your own cultural heritage? This highly interactive and innovative session will ignite your cultural curiosity, helping you really tap into the fantastic breadth of knowledge and experience we have right here on campus, in a fun and non-judgemental context!

Logo. Carers Leeds, working together to support working carers.

25 September 13:00-14:00
Location: Baines Wing SR (G.37)
Did you know that 1 in 9 workers in the UK are also unpaid carers of parents or friends? These working carers are often continually juggling work and caring commitments, meaning some may struggle to stay in work. Line managers have a critical role in recognising the needs of working carers and supporting them where they can.

This session is a chance to find out more about how you can help to support working carers, either as a line manager or as a colleague. Carers Leeds will explain who working carers are, explore the issues they face, explain why it’s important the University supports working carers and how we can do this. They will also advise on the sources of help available to managers and colleagues. Being a working carer is a growing trend and all are invited to this lunchtime presentation to find out more.

The presentation begins at 13.00 and will be followed by lunch and networking at 13:45.

Photo of Dr Natalie Van der Wal

25 September 14:00-15:00
Location: Baines Wing (1.16)
A presentation by Dr Natalie Van der Wal (Management Division, LUBS) on what it is like to be an international Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow. She will be sharing her positive feelings about inclusivity here at the University and how she found settling into a new environment as an international member of staff. Natalie will also be discussing her research into fire evacuation, terrorist attacks, and other threats that require emergency evacuations.

The picture shows a BAME man and a women at a table in a garden, smiling drinking tea. The text reads: Inclusion Matters, Attract, Retain and Grow. Northern Power: Making Engineering and the Physical Sciences a Domain for All in the North of England. Email:

26 September 11:20-12:30
Location: OD&PL Seminar Room 2 (1.35) – Chemistry Block, via Parkinson Building
A roundtable discussion looking at the key challenges and opportunities for early career researchers from underrepresented groups. The session will include contributions from Dr Vania Dimitrova from the School of Computing, Dr Emilio Garcia-Taengua from the School of Civil Engineering and other colleagues from across the University. It is open to all and PhDs/Post Doctorates are particularly welcomed.

The session will introduce the EPSRC-funded “Northern Power Inclusion Matters” project and discuss opportunities how people can engage with it. The project will help shape an actively inclusive culture in the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) community that supports, drives and sustains greater equality for all, including traditionally under-represented groups, e.g., women, people with a disability, LGBT+ and black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME). Robert Adams, the project coordinator, will be in attendance.

The image shows a lightbulb on a black board with a chalk thought bubble drawn around it

26 September 13:00-14:00
Location: Baines Wing SR (G.37)
Leeds University Business School and human rights organisation CHANGE are delighted to invite all staff and students from across the University to a talk on ‘Project inclusive education’ which works to employ learning disabled people as educational specialists. The guest speaker is Fabian van Essen from the Institute of Education in London. Fabian will share insights from this innovative German project and his plans to develop something similar here in the UK.

26 September 14:00-15:00
Location: Parkinson SR (B.11)
Have you ever wondered what the correct pronunciation of the last name Zhang is? You may be surprised to learn that the “zh” sound is actually more like a “J” sound (as in the word John). Join us and learn tips and strategies that will help you better pronounce the names of the Chinese students and colleagues. The workshop is led by a native Chinese-speaker Joyce Cai who works at the University Language Centre. Participants will leave this one-hour session able to comfortably pronounce the names of students and colleagues from mainland China.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this event, we have arranged a second session which will take place on 24 September 10:30-12:00, details are given above

The picture shows a red headed woman, wearing a green, black and white shirt, smiling.

27 September 11:00-12:00 (moved from 24 September 12:00-13:00 slot)
Location: Baines Wing SR (2.15)
In an international law school, socially ingrained understandings of the ‘teacher-student’ relationship can significantly impact on attempts to create an internationally inclusive learning community. Some international students may be less likely to have experienced the collaborative yet independent learning culture often encouraged in UK universities. This discussion will focus on a pilot project in the School of Law, designed to assess whether engagement in reverse mentoring between international students and academic staff can positively impact on international students’ sense of belonging and community, as well as changing staff perceptions about and/or understandings of international students. The discussion will focus on: existing literature on international student experiences; considerations in designing a pilot reverse mentoring scheme; and the aims of the project.

Picture of a climbing wall, with a man wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt climbing up it.

27 September 12:00-14:00
Location: The Edge
Would you like to try climbing? The Edge are offering free 30-minute tasters. The idea behind these individual sessions is to provide an opportunity for you to experience climbing at your own pace, and discuss with the instructor how you can take it further if you wish, or just come along for a new experience! You are very welcome to bring someone with you, or come on your own and enjoy 30 minutes private coaching. To book, please enquire at The Edge reception desk.

If you would like to discuss anything beforehand such as access issues or anything you think may affect your experience or prevent you from taking part, please contact Helen Pepper, Climbing Coordinator via telephone on 07917 141810 or via email.

27 September 12:30-13:00
Location: OD&PL SR1 (1.34) – directions to seminar rooms (OD&PL website)
In this session, we will explore how simple changes to our digital practice can benefit everyone. This is particularly suitable for all staff and postgraduate researchers. The session is led by Kirsten Thompson and Rachel Hartshorne.

Booking is not required in advance for this session

27 September 14:30-16:00
Location: Maurice Keyworth (G.02)
Delivered by Arran Smith, Microsoft’s UK Special educational needs and disability (SEND) & Dyslexia Consultant, this session will look at Assistive Technology, which enables teachers, students and dyslexic people of all ages to access the inbuilt assistive technology anytime, anywhere. Arran will talk about the functionality that has been added to Office 365 and Windows 10 that can help to support its dyslexic users. He will also be looking at how it can support the needs of students with dyslexia and SEND.

Book your place online to any of the above events (except the wall climbing taster sessions, which need to be booked at The Edge).