Dyslexia Workshops for Autumn 2009

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These workshops have been designed to help you sharpen your academic study skills, the workshops run from 2-4pm and are held at Blenheim Terrace (skills@library).

Essay Planning & Writing – Wednesday 28.10.09

  • Improve your ability to manage time effectively in each stage of essay planning and writing
  • Improve your understanding of academic vocabulary used in essay titles, and how to respond to these titles
  • Improve your understanding and practical application of mind mapping techniques, which may be more appropriate to the thinking styles of dyslexic learners
  • Improve your understanding of essay structure, including clearly defined sections, appropriate introductions and conclusions

Reading & Researching – Wednesday 4.11.09

  • Improve your confidence in approaching reading and research tasks,
  • Increase your ability to manage time when undertaking reading and research tasks by improving students’ ability to break larger tasks into smaller stages
  • Improve your ability to analyse text and identify the key issues by taking an active approach to reading

You will be given the opportunity to think about the most effective methods of reading and research to complement your learning and working style, and learn valuable strategies from peers in relation to this.

Proof-reading, editing & re-structuring – Wednesday 11.11.09 & Repeated on 2.12.09

  • Improve your confidence in proofreading and restructuring written work
  • Improve your ability to manage time when proofreading, editing and restructuring written work by taking a realistic look at the stages that are involved in these processes and breaking these down
  • Improve your ability to use electronic methods to assist with these tasks, and share experience and advice among peers

Identify and apply effective methods for proofreading, editing and restructuring to complement your learning style.

Academic writing course – part 1: Wednesday 18.11.09, part 2: Wednesday 25.11.09

This 2-part course aims to help you improve your fluency in academic writing and understand how to structure your writing effectively. It also aims to:

Enable you to reflect on and discuss individual difficulties you may face as dyslexic students in relation to academic writing

  • Improve your awareness and confidence in using academic vocabulary
  • broaden your knowledge base of appropriate academic phrases for linking or introducing new ideas
  • Improve your awareness of paragraph structure in academic writing, and improve your ability to use paragraphs effectively
  • §Improve your ability to plan and write effective and well flowing introductions from an essay title, and apply this knowledge to other sections of written work.

Revision & exam techniques – Wednesday 9.12.09

Reflect on your existing strengths and weaknesses in revision and exam techniques

  • Improve your awareness of multisensory memory aids and techniques and apply these to your own exam and revision context
  • Improve your time management in relation to revision planning
  • Identify strategies for managing your time in an exam situation
  • Identify and discuss causes of exam stress and anxiety, identify strategies for dealing with these.

To book your place: call into the Equality Service and sign up at reception or for further information, contact us on 0113 3433927, email disability@leeds.ac.uk