Strategy, Policy & Law

At University of Leeds we passionately believe in delivering an inclusive experience for staff and students. Equality of opportunity, fairness and inclusion are the foundation of our global community at our University, and a vital enabler that will help us realise our University strategy.

Our commitment is demonstrated through the development of the University’s first Equality and Inclusion (E&I) Framework, created with input from key stakeholders, which include faculties, services, key university committees, campus trade unions as well as staff and student networks. Our equality and inclusion strap line everyone included, everyone involved reflects our commitment to ensure that effective engagement and consultation is at the heart of the development of this Framework.

The Framework document includes:

  • a timeline of activities to develop this Equality and Inclusion Framework
  • the Equality and Inclusion Strategy – the equality vision for Leeds
  • a summary of how we will embed equality and inclusion actions to support the priorities within the strategy
  • a statement of rights and responsibilities for staff and students through a revised Equality and Inclusion policy
  • University structures to monitor and implement equality and inclusion
  • information on the role of the University and individual members of staff and students to promote and adhere to the principles set out within the Equality and Inclusion Strategy and Policy

Further Information

If you require further information or would like to request hard copies of the Equality and Inclusion Framework please contact the Equality Policy Unit: