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Staff in numbers

University of Leeds has grown by 1,174 staff in the past 5 years

The headcount of the University of Leeds staff grew from 8,128 in 2015 to 9,302 in July 2019 – a 14.5% increase.

Graphic of bar chart, number of staff between 2015 and 2020

University of Leeds staff by category

43% (n=4,001) of University of Leeds staff work in academic roles. 40% of staff work in support roles (n=3,728); this group includes clerical staff, technicians and operational support roles.​ Professional and Managerial staff is comprised of senior staff in non-academic roles and accounts for 17% of the staff population (n=1,573).

Graphic showing percentage of staff data in academic (43%), support (40%) and professional (17%) roles

The majority of staff work full time

There are 6,432 (69,1%) full-time staff members and 2,870 (30.9%) part-time staff members.

Pie chart showing percent of full time (69.1%) and part time (30.9%) staff

3 in 4 staff are on open-ended contracts 

78,6% (n=7,308) staff are on open-ended contracts.