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Staff Data 2015

In this section you will find equality monitoring information about University of Leeds staff broken down by:

  • All Staff
  • Academic Staff
  • Professional and Managerial staff
  • Support staff

Please note all data are rounded to the nearest whole percent.

How will the information be used?

The data will be used in a variety of ways in informing decision making including monitoring progress of the University's Equality and Inclusion Framework.

For more information about the importance of equality monitoring data please visit the Staff Equality Data Monitoring Information FAQs.

Institutional Level (All Staff)

Information on all university staff by protected characteristic :

Academic Staff

Information on the University's academic staff by protected characteristic. Academic staff includes roles such as lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor, research fellow/assistant, teaching fellow etc.

Professional / Managerial Staff

Information on the University's professional & managerial staff by protected characteristic. Professional & managerial staff are comprised of the more senior administrative staff roles.

Support Staff

Information on the University's support staff by protected characteristic. Support staff are comprised of clerical staff, technicians and operational support roles.


If you would like more information about anything contained within the reports, or if you require the information in alternative formats, please contact the Equality Policy Unit on