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Gender Pay Gap 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the government announced in March 2020 a suspension in the enforcement of reporting on gender pay gaps in 2020, and as a result many organisations took the decision not to publish figures this year.  

The University of Leeds has taken the decision to publish our figures and remains committed to actively addressing gender imbalance and demonstrating our on-going focus on fair and transparent reward, promotion and recruitment policies and practices. However, in light of resource constraints arising from the needs to focus significant University resource on Covid-19 Pandemic related matters, we will not be producing a full GP report to accompany this years’ figures. 

Statutory Gender Pay Gap Reporting Requirements

 Gender Pay Gaps  % Gaps
 Mean gender pay gap  18.5% (18.9%)
 Median gender pay gap  13.6% (12.5%)
 Mean Bonus pay gap (excluding CEA)*  5.3% (12.2%)
 Mean Bonus pay gap (including CEA)  82.7% (82.1%)
 Median Bonus pay gap (excluding CEA)*  -36.4% (0%)
 Median Bonus pay gap (including CEA)*  25% (50%)
Men Women
 Proportion of employees receiving a bonus  7.4% (7.9%)  7.6% (7.5%)
 Quartile bands Men Women
 Upper  59.9% (58.10%)  40.1% ( 41.9%)
 Upper Middle  44.0% (44.9%)  56.0% (55.1%)
 Lower Middle  40.5% (40.3%)  59.5% (59.7%
 Lower  34.2% (34.6%)  65.8% (65.4%)

*Clinical Excellence Awards
**Last years figures in brackets