Advancing Race, Disability and LGBT+ Equality & Intersectionality

We are progressing with our efforts to advancing equality for staff and students from a variety of backgrounds, identities, with different protected characteristics and multiple identities to ensure that they are attracted to the University, feel part of our community and have every opportunity to maximise their potential. To enable this we are, this year, focusing on:

  • Ensuring that inclusivity is further embedded into our culture, University level strategies and priorities, structures, systems and processes, so that achieving equality and inclusion will no longer be an add-on but an essential part of the business of the whole University; and
  • Improving our staff equality data even further so we have an accurate understanding of the characteristics of our workforce and can analyse their experiences and outcomes.

We are confident that this approach will enable us to achieve our staff related equality and inclusion aims which are to:

  • Ensure that the University is attractive to, and supports the personal and professional development of colleagues from all backgrounds;
  • Ensure that representation on University Council reflects the diversity of the staff and student community we are serving;
  • Increase the diversity of our senior management so we have colleagues from all backgrounds at this level;
  • Increase the diversity of our staff at all levels of the University;
  • Ensure that we celebrate the diversity of our distinctive staff population, raise awareness of aspects of their experience, remove barriers, improve our policy framework and approach through marking National Inclusion Week, diversity months and events; and
  • Ensure that staff voices are gathered, heard and reflected through surveys and groups to inform our planning and decision making.

Work is already underway within the student community to ensure that the University:

  • Attracts the brightest and best students from all backgrounds;
  • Makes every effort to support student success and reduce the awarding gaps for students from all backgrounds;
  • Supports students from all backgrounds to ensure that they are enabled to achieve their future career or study aspirations;
  • Ensures that student voices from all backgrounds are gathered, heard and reflected where possible through our planning and decision making; and
  • Promotes a Partnership approach to achieving equality and inclusion for students, working closely with the LUU.

Reporting of any equality related issues

We take any reports of harassment or discrimination very seriously and assure our staff and students of appropriate follow up. Reports can be made anonymously at: or via the Dignity and Mutual Respect policy at:

We encourage colleagues to talk to their HR Managers, Staff Counselling or to our Unit to help them with this.

Students are advised to contact their personal tutors or student support teams in their Faculties. Further information for students on reporting hate crime can be found here:


Published October 2019